Why do we insist for information listed here under ?

  • JT Engineering International Q MATERIAL SPECIFICATION : Different Industrial Products are prepared in various combinations, sizes & specifications and hence customers Material specification is necessary. For example you can view different material specifications in our Site or in Email Correspondences.
  • JT Engineering International Q DRAWING : For tool making estimation, it is necessary to have your component drawing with desired tolerances, dimentions etc. This will be helpful for components required for assembly line.
  • JT Engineering International Q SAMPLE : Even though drawings show complete details of the components required, the finish & appearance acceptable to the customer is not known for custom made products. Hence, our request for samples to supply similar or better.
  • JT Engineering International Q QUANTITY : For most of the components, we have to procure new products. For estimating tool cost, It is necessary to know the quantity required by the customer.
  • JT Engineering International Q SAMPLE APPROVAL : For custom made products, we have a general practice to have the samples approved by the customer. This is helpful to both customer and us.
  • JT Engineering International Q E-MAIL ATTACHMENTS : We prefer attachments in 'WORD' and pdf. Files. This may please be mentioned in E mail.
  • JT Engineering International Q DELIVERY : To commit delivery, we would like to have quantity required information at the time of Enquiry stage itself. Wherever split delivery is needed or acceptable, please mention the same.
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